Pesticide handlers like you can be employed by an agricultural employer (establishment operator) or by a commercial pesticide handler employer (i.e., a custom applicator business). Either way, your employer is responsible for ensuring you receive protections under the WPS, including the relevant hazard communication.

Pesticide Safety Training

Before you begin handling pesticides or pesticide residues (handler activities), you will receive training about the risks of pesticide exposure, poisoning symptoms, first aid, and ways to protect yourself. The training must be provided in a manner you can understand. A qualified trainer must be present to answer your questions. This training must be provided every 12 months. You can request a record of your training within two years, and take it with you to other establishments.


new central posting area

Central Location Display

Agricultural employers must display (1) safety data sheets (SDS), (2) application information (records), and (3) pesticide safety information (usually a poster) at a location on the establishment that you can access easily during working hours, called the “central location.” It may be posted, kept in a binder, or stored on a computer. You must be able to find the information without asking for permission.

The pesticide application information and SDSs must be posted within 24 hours of the end of application. Application information and SDSs must be displayed for 30 days after REI has expired.


Location-specific information

Before you perform handler activities on an establishment, your employer must tell you:

  • Where to find the central posting location with pesticide application records, SDSs, and the pesticide safety information (poster),
  • Where to find decontamination supplies (water, soap, and single-use towels),
  • The location and description of any treated areas on the establishment where a restricted-entry interval (REI) is in effect near where you'll be working, and
  • Any restrictions for those areas.



Before you can perform handler activities involving a pesticide product, your employer must make sure:

  • You have either read the label or are informed of all labeling requirements and use directions applicable to the safe use of the pesticide,
  • You are aware of requirements for any entry restrictions, application exclusion zones, or REIs that may apply based on your planned activity, and
  • You have access to the product label at all times while performing handler activities.



You can ask for copies of the pesticide application records and safety data sheets within two years. The agricultural employer must provide them within two weeks. If you ask for them a second time, there may be a fee. If you would rather not ask for these records yourself, you can designate a representative to request them for you. You will have to sign your name and provide your dates of employment.


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