Project Coordinator for developing a national manual and exam for pesticide applicator certification on selected fumigation uses (e.g., structural, commodity, rodent burrows)

The Pesticide Educational Resources Collaborative (PERC) invites applications for a Project Coordinator to lead a national team of paid and volunteer contributors. Under this person's leadership, the team will create a manual and exam item bank for commercial pesticide applicator certification in non-soil fumigation categories, for release in 2020.

The Project: The primary goal of this project is to create a manual and exam item bank of questions/answers to be used for the selected categories of commercial pesticide applicator certification/licensing for specific uses of non-soil fumigation pesticide products. Examples of non-soil uses are structural pest control, rodent burrow pest control and commodity fumigation pest control. The process will include a job analysis, collaborative development of learning objectives, manual-development, exam-development, and evaluation/testing. The manual and exam item bank will be developed only in English.

The Team: One Project Coordinator will assist PERC Administrators to recruit a team of Subject Matter Expert (SME) volunteers, identify learning objectives based on a jobs analysis, develop/adapt training content, and develop/evaluate exam items (questions/answers). The Project Coordinator (paid) will supervise one Lead Writer (paid). No travel is anticipated, and teams will convene via phone or other forms of remote meeting technology.

The level of effort for the Project Coordinator and Lead Writer will depend on the number of SMEs recruited, the learning objectives, and the team’s availability (hours/week) and skill level. PERC predicts the peak effort for the scoping phase between November 2018- January 2020 and could include up to about 5-20 hours per week. It is expected that all outputs will be completed by summer 2020, although PERC may need the Project Coordinator and Lead Writer to be available a bit longer to respond to user feedback.

Project Coordinator Job Description

Job responsibilities may include some or all of the following:

Project Coordinator Qualifications

Required Experience:

Recommended Experience:

Eligibility: State and tribal regulators, academic/private/non-profit educators, and experienced project managers are encouraged to apply. Funding is available to compensate the Project Coordinator for their time, pending the applicant’s eligibility to accept payment under the rules governing this cooperative agreement.

Application Procedure & Selection: Complete the web-based form available here. Be prepared to describe your qualifications, availability, compensation requirements and your interest in the project.

Application receipt deadline: Monday, October 22, 2018

Earliest start date: ~ November 12, 2018

PERC administrators from the University of California of Davis Extension and Oregon State University will make the final selections using a score-sheet based on listed qualifications. Applicants will be notified by July 10. For questions, please contact Hannah Moore, Suzanne Forsyth, or Kaci Buhl

About PERC: PERC is led by University of California of Davis Extension and Oregon State University, and is funded by a 5-year cooperative agreement (#X8-83616301) from the U.S. EPA. PERC aims to support the development of resources/materials about the safe use of pesticides by applicators and handlers in agricultural, commercial, and residential settings. Materials could include brochures, factsheets, posters, videos, manuals, and mobile tools, while addressing the needs of low-literacy and multilingual audiences. These materials will help prevent pesticide exposure incidents for pesticide applicators, handlers, workers, and their families. The PERC supports the U.S. EPA's Strategic Goal 4: Ensuring the Safety of Chemicals and preventing pollution.