Project Status

In Progress:Status:Tentative availability
Prepare and deliver overview of PERC-med resources to the Tribal Pesticide Program CouncilCompleteSpring 2022
Prepare and deliver training for the Community Health Workers Certification Training Program with partner National Nurse-Led Care ConsortiumCompleteSpring 2022
Develop and distribute case study on parasthesiaIn DevelopmentFall 2022
Develop and implement a pilot Champions Network for health care providersCompleteWinter 2022
Develop and implement a tribal outreach programIn DevelopmentSummer 2022
Partner with others to update and accredit pesticide-specific case studies in environmental medicine, add emphasis on pyrethroid insecticidesIn DevelopmentTBD
Develop and distribute case study on Lime Sulfur- SulforixIn DevelopmentSummer 2022
Develop and distribute case study on MethylbromideIn DevelopmentFall 2022
Prepare and deliver presentation on the New to Public Health Residency Program with the National Association of Public Health NursesCompletedSpring 2022
Develop and distribute materials for the Conference for Agricultural Worker Health hosted by the National Association of Community Health CentersCompletedSpring 2022
Poster presentation for the National Hispanic Medical Association on Pesticide Exposure and Disproportionate Risk for Hispanic Populations: Increasing Healthcare Providers’ AwarenessOnlineSpring 2022
Develop and distribute article on Pesticides and Reproductive HealthOnlineWinter 2022
Article on Family Medicine’s Role in Recognizing Pesticide PoisoningOnlineWinter 2022
Prepare and deliver a presentation for the Oregon and Washington Area Health Education Centers (AHEC)CompletedWinter 2022
Prepare and deliver a presentation for the EPA’s Pacific Southwest (Region 9) Winter 2022 Regional Tribal Operations CommitteeCompletedWinter 2022
Prepare and deliver a presentation for the American Academy of Physician Assistants, Latinos for Health CaucusCompletedWinter 2022
Develop and distribute provider billing information factsheet for pesticidesOnlineFall 2021
Develop and distribute case study on DiquatOnlineFall 2021
Present poster at the American Public Health Association meeting titled: Pesticide-related illness: An occupational health and safety issueCompletedFall 2021
Article on Chronic and Acute Pesticide Exposures in ChildrenOnlineFall 2021
Article on Pesticide Illness: Recognition and ManagementOnlineFall 2021
Facilitate CME accreditation for existing online pesticide education course(s) for health care providersOnlineFall 2021
Prepare and deliver an in-person and/or virtual presentation at the American Academy of Clinical Toxicology (during the North American Congress of Clinical Toxicology) with PERC-med team and Advisory Board membersCompletedOctober 2021
Provide the Association of Public Health Nurses (APHN) with a presentation and resources on pesticide illnesses for their "New to Public Health Residency Program" toolkitCompletedFall 2021
Develop and distribute case study on Aerial ApplicationOnlineAugust 2021
Five strategic presentations at the Oregon Pesticide Symposium by PERC-med Advisory Board Members and StaffCompletedApril 2021
Prepare and deliver a virtual conference presentation titled "COVID-19 and Pesticides: What Public Health Nurses Need to Know" in collaboration with the Association of Public Health NursesCompletedSpring 2021
Develop and distribute case study on Lindane and LiceOnlineMarch 2021
Two (2) factsheets developed for health care providers on recognition, management, prevention of pesticide exposure in childrenOnlineMarch 2021
Deliver webinar titled "Prevention, Recognition and Treatment of Pesticide-Related Illnesses" to one FQHC partnerCompletedMarch 2021
Collaborated with the California Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) on their pesticide training to include national pesticide exposure reporting requirements for health care providers into existing online CME-accredited course. This enables this resource to now reach a national health care provider audience.OnlineMarch 2021
Presentation to the Agrisafe Nurse Scholar ProgramCompletedFebruary 2021
Virtual Conference Presentation titled "COVID-19, Pesticides, and the Healthcare Workforce" with partner The Pesticide Stewardship AllianceCompletedFebruary 2021
Webinar titled “What do pesticides have to do with SARS-CoV-2?” with partner National Nurse Led Care ConsortiumOnlineJanuary 2021
Webinar by AB member titled “Practical Tools for Promoting Farm Safety for Children”CompletedJanuary 2021
Webinar with Partner titled “COVID-19 and Pesticides: what providers need to know about disinfectants”CompletedDecember 2020
Provided PERC-med resources and EPA's Recognition and Management of Pesticide Poisonings for University of Iowa graduate school courses, Agricultural Safety and Health: The Core CourseCompletedSummer 2020
Presentation by AB member on Respirator Fit Testing in Agricultural CommunitiesCompletedJune 2020
Participated in, reviewed and provided feedback to graduate students, who developed pesticide exposure interventions based on the provided case studies for their University of Iowa course on Rural Health and Agricultural MedicineCompletedSpring 2020
National pesticide exposure reporting requirements interactive map and data tableOnlineMay 2020
Compilation of COVID-19 information for health care providers, including infographics, guidance, and one-page tip-sheets, with emphasis on disinfectant safety topicsOnlineMay 2020
Compilation of data sets for medical professionals to research pesticide-related topicsOnlineMay 2020
Collection of pesticide exposure assessment tools, including screening forms, evaluations, and guidelines for medical professionalsOnlineMay 2020
Collection of training opportunities for medical professionals, some offering continuing medical education unitsOnlineMay 2020
Provided pesticide exposure case studies to graduate public health students and medical providers in a Rural Health and Agricultural Medicine course in a university settingCompletedApril 2020
EPA Recognition and Management of Pesticide Poisonings handbook listed by chapter on PERC-med resources webpageOnlineApril 2020
Featured Article: Northwest Regional Primary Care Association, “What Do Pesticides Have to Do with SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19?OnlineMarch 2020
PERC-med publication: "Medical Evaluations Prior to Using a Respirator: What medical professionals need to know" information sheetOnlineFebruary 2020
Webinar presentation for nurse program participants: "Pesticide exposures and health care providers." This webinar is part of a larger CNE accredited package.CompletedFebruary 2020/October 2019
PERC-med publication: "Paraquat Poisoning: One Sip Can Kill" information sheetOnlineNovember 2019
Provided PERC-med resources and EPA’s Recognition and Management of Pesticide Poisonings for University of Iowa graduate school courses in Rural Health and Agricultural MedicineCompletedSummer 2019
Conference poster: "Paraquat poisoning: one sip can kill" presented at the International Society for Agricultural Safety & Health Conference, Iowa 2019OnlineJune 2019