Clinician Champions Network: New Program Launched in 2022

What is the PERC-med Champions Network

Purpose of a Champions Network

Reducing the number of injuries, illnesses and deaths from pesticide poisoning in the United States, in the absence of an effective nationwide surveillance system, is contingent in part upon “champions” advocating for increasing awareness and training of health providers to diagnose and treat excessive and/or prolonged pesticide exposure.

Goals of a Champions Network

  1. Engage, train and retain healthcare providers as “champions” in preventing, recognizing and treating pesticide exposure.
  2. Foster a group of leaders to advocate for the importance of proactively diagnosing pesticide exposure.
  3. Increase healthcare providers’ awareness of pesticide exposure, including exposure scenarios and at-risk occupational groups.
  4. Educate clinicians on state-specific requirements for pesticide reporting.

Clinician Peer Educator and Clinician Champions Network

  • Clinician Peer Educator, Micah Bicker, PA-C


    • Certified physician assistant with experience in rural, underserved, farmworker, migrant, and tribal communities
    • 20 years experience in community-based clinics, family medicine, urgent care, and emergency medicine
    • Passionate patient advocate and medical risk manager

Our Champions

  • Paola Gonzalez, MPAS PA-C

    • Certified Physician Assistant for over 18 years in the areas of Family Practice, Internal/Occupational Medicine, and Oncology
    • Bilingual clinical provider with extensive practice experience with Latino populations
    • Dedicated to educating clinical providers and the community about the disparities across diverse populations
    • Passionate about health promotion and diminishing health disparities
  • Francesca Mueller, MSN, MPH, APRN, FNP-C

    • Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with experience in emergency, family, and internal medicine
    • 15 years of public health experience, serving, educating, and advocating for marginalized, underserved communities
    • Dedicated provider to ensuring safe, equitable care for all

Advisory Board Members

PERC-med Team Members


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