PERC-med is the Pesticide Educational Resources Collaborative for Medical Professionals, a 5-year cooperative agreement between the EPA's Office of Pesticide Programs and University of California Davis Extension, in collaboration with Oregon State University.

Key Facts:

  • PERC-med will provide continuing education, training, and technical assistance to relevant audiences, including high- quality, accredited distance-learning modules. A Medical Coordinator will provide technical assistance, interpret the science, develop educational resources and engage in collaborative projects to meet identified needs.
  • PERC-med will update existing and/or develop new materials and resource tools. Guided by a needs assessment, these resources would include but are not limited to accredited web-based training modules, videos, guidance documents, mobile apps, databases, and other items.
  • PERC-med will conduct outreach to existing and new audiences to use materials and tools by partnering with gatekeeper organizations, curating a website for medical professionals with links to resources (old and new).
  • PERC-med will develop partnerships and a sustainable network of stakeholders. PERC-med will invigorate existing partnerships and seek new ones with medical professionals and organizations that serve/inform them.
  • PERC-med will be informed by an expert Advisory Board, responsive to needs-assessment and remain proactive in marketing/evaluation of materials.


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  • If you have general questions or comments about pesticide-related health conditions, please contact us: PERC-MedSupport[at] or (530) 757-8594.
  • If you would like information about accessible online resources, websites, and courses focused on pesticides and human health please visit our PERC-med Resources page.
  • Our mailing address:
    Pesticide Education Programs
    UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education
    1333 Research Park Drive
    Davis, CA 95618