Applications Closed for 2022 Round
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EPA General Terms and Conditions

EPA Programmatic Terms and Conditions

What is this funding opportunity for Agricultural Community-Based Projects?

PERC is seeking applications for agricultural community-based projects that will serve farmworkers, agricultural pesticide handlers, their families, and/or their communities by contributing to the safe use of pesticides and/or working safely in areas where pesticides are used.

What is the timing?

The PERC Advisory Board will select two to four projects to be funded by October 5, 2022. Successful applicants will have up to two years to complete their projects (no later than December 31, 2024.) We anticipate this funding opportunity to repeat at least three times. Identical projects will not be funded more than once but could be considered if it is the same project with a different target audience or subject matter focus.

Key Dates

How much funding is available?

Who may apply?

Eligible applicants include nonprofit organizations as defined by 2 CFR 200.1 “Nonprofit organization.”

Community-Based Program Outcomes

Desired Outcomes: The term “outcome” means the result, effect, or consequence that will occur from carrying out the project. Applicants may choose to perform one of the projects listed OR propose a different project that supports at least one of the following desired outcomes; examples are provided for information only. Outcomes may not necessarily be achievable within the funding period.

Desired Outcome #1: Educate farmworkers and/or agricultural pesticide handlers on the safe use of pesticides.

How will performance be measured?

"Performance measures" help gather insights and will be used to track progress of successful processes and output and outcome strategies and provide the basis for developing lessons to inform future projects. The description of performance measures will directly relate to the project outcomes and outputs.

Terms and Conditions

The recipient agrees to comply with the current EPA General Terms and Conditions.

In addition to the EPA General Terms and Conditions that apply to EPA grantees and subawardees, EPA Programmatic Conditions also apply. These include but are not limited to:

Programmatic Conditions

About PERC

PERC is funded from 2021-2026 to coordinate the development of pesticide-related educational resources (i.e., manuals, videos, guides) that meet national needs. See our list of projects completed and in-progress. The PERC Advisory Board meets annually to determine priority needs, and monthly to hear from representatives about emerging needs and to gather feedback about PERC products. The materials produced by PERC are intended for use by non-profit educators. Anyone may print and distribute PERC materials at minimal or no cost to the end-recipients. Non-profit educators may request original files in order to modify PERC materials. See our policy here: using PERC's Works.

Evaluation and Selection Criteria

The PERC Advisory Board will evaluate all applications and will score applications using the Application Scoring Rubric (see RFA). Projects will be evaluated and scored against all applications received.

How to Apply

Apply by emailing a PDF document as described in the RFA to PERCsupport@ucdavis.edu. PERC will email applicants within one business day from the day that we received their application. If applicants do not receive a receipt from PERC, then the applicant should conclude PERC did not receive their application. We encourage applicants to apply well before the deadline.

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