EPA has approved this video for training handlers on pesticide safety in accordance with the 1992 WPS training content until January 1, 2018. The approval number is EPA Handler PST 00010. Trainers must administer the training as follows:*

  1. Trainers using this video should stop it before the section on respirators (17:31), and inform the handler trainees: "The information about respirators is generally fine, although the specific names and designations for some of the respirators have changed since the video was made. For example, the video says that dust/mist filtering respirators are designated TC-21C. Now those respirators are called particulate filtering facepiece respirators and have a TC-84A designation. Additional changes to respirator terminology are likely as labels are reviewed and updated to the new terminology."
  2. Trainers using this video should stop it after the statements listed below: "If you have to wear a respirator and you don't know how to wear one, make sure that you have someone who is qualified show you how to use it first and that they perform a fit test." (minute 20:47) "If you have heart or respiratory disease, you may be unable to wear a respirator." (minute 23:02) At this point, the trainer should state: "Another thing that has changed is that your employer has to provide you with a medical evaluation, fit test and respirator training if you have to wear a respirator according to a pesticide label."

* These requirements went into effect on January 2, 2017, in keeping with 40 CFR Part 170.501(c)(1).

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