PERC is the Pesticide Educational Resources Collaborative, a new cooperative agreement between the EPA's Office of Pesticide Programs and University of California Davis Extension, in collaboration with Oregon State University.

Key Facts:

  • PERC will develop or coordinate the development of pesticide education materials. An Advisory Board will help in setting national priorities. They will use internal capacity and external expertise/resources to develop resources.
  • PERC will be seeking subject matter experts and production professionals on a routine basis. Watch for solicitations.
  • PERC will focus on WPS materials in its first year because of the urgent need for training materials consistent with the newly updated regulation.
  • PERC will focus on C&T materials in its second year in response to anticipated changes in categories/needs nationwide.
  • PERC is tentatively funded for three more years, and its activities will be guided by collaborative needs assessment.

Key Contacts:

  • Suzanne Forsyth is the PERC Director, housed at UC Davis Extension.
    • Suzanne Forsyth: spforsyth[at]
  • Kaci Buhl is the Deputy Director of PERC, housed at Oregon State University. Sean Ross is the IT supervisor, and Cameron Hughes provides support.
    • Kaci Buhl: buhlk[at]
    • Sean Ross: rosss[at]
    • Cameron Hughes: hughesc[at]
  • Jeanne Kasai is the EPA Project Officer for PERC
    • kasai.jeanne[at]

Regarding the to-do list, priority-setting input is welcome from states, tribes, PSEP/farm-worker communities, and others. Keep in touch:

  • wps_needs[at]